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standing up here today. [laughter] >> and my daughter ellery who is too young for city hall for reminding me why my work is so important. so, thank you again. (applause) >> all right. with that i'd like to call up our district 2 honoree, julia harte. (applause) >> so, on behalf of supervisor
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farrell, julia harte is the co-founder and president of a company that probably many of you have use and had heard of, event dates. julia and her husband launched event site in 2006. she has grown a two person company to one that now employs over 200 and has been named the top 5 places to work in san francisco in sf times. they help organize the plan, set uptick et sales and promote events of any size. and in 2012 had a total gross ticket sales of $600 million. before event right, she graduated from pepperdine university with a degree in telecommunications. she worked in television for mtv network and [speaker not understood]. working on such shows such as nip tuck, the haloed, rescue me, and morgan's [speaker not understood] 30 days. she has served orthctionv board of the village row which offers a variety of informative and creative and fun programs to
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educate and nurture the community. she is also active with the full circle fund promoting the next generation of community leaders and driving lasting social change in the bay area. when she isn't running a business or helping her community, she spends time with her two daughters. so, with that i know that supervisor farrell would have loved to have honored you today, julia. thank you for your dedication and service to san francisco. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor tang, president chiu, the board of supervisors, and especially supervisor farrell's office, jeff, jack, margo, and catherine for hosting me today. i just wanted to say this is such an honor. i am in awe of the women first and foremost up here, hopefully one of our future mayors. and i'm in honor of the women who were honored today. i think that, you know, event bright is a place where we're passionate about life experiences. i think it's only natural that
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we would have been found and had we would build our company in san francisco which is so vibrant and so dense in talent and live experiences. and what that ultimately looks like is community. and what i've noticed in being in tech in the last seven years as a woman is that community is so powerful and propeling women forward and supporting women. and i think that modeling for women such as you're doing and the women that were honored today is so important. and, so, with that i just wanted to say hello to my two daughters who are watching, hi maze and hi emma. i hope we're able to model what it looks like to be a future leader here in san francisco. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor tang.
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our next commendation will be provided by our district 8 colleague from supervisor scott wiener. >> save the best for last. >> second to last. >> and a great honoree. oh, got one more. are you nervous? [laughter] >> great. just today i am honoring dr. sue carlysle, [speaker not understood] san francisco general hospital. come on up. (applause) >> in addition to her duties of vice dean being the head of ucsf san francisco general, dr. carlysle has been a leader in the rebuilding of san francisco general hospital. as we all know, one of the most important projects in our city's recent history. and she's been a leader in elevating status of women at both ucsf and sf general. dr. carlysle has come a long
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way from louisiana town, small town in which she was born. she has a very, very impressive educational resume. masters in science, ph.d. in para cytology of tulane university, post doctorate work at rice university, medical degree from the university of pennsylvania in my hometown philadelphia, resident in medicine and fellowship in critical care in anesthesia from ucsf. she joined the ucsf faculty in 1990. in 1999 she was appointed chief of anesthesia at san francisco general, a position she held until 2005. in 2004 she was appointed associate dean. besides currently serving as vice dean, she is also currently a professor of clinical anesthesia and medicine where she is educating the next generation of doctors at ucsf. in her time at ucsf dr. carlysle has won numerous
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awards, including the stuart c. colin award for clinical excellence and faculty clinical award, the elliott rapoport award for%backerfor commitment to san francisco general, and chancellor's faculty award for the advancement of women. for decades ucf doctors like dr. carlysle have staffed and run san francisco general hospital providing serve isx for people all over the city including many of our lowest income and at-risk residents. san francisco general is the only level 1 trauma center in san francisco and continues to be recognized as a premiere hospital for hiv/aids care in the united states. this is a hospital where ucsf doctors first began to treat aids patients in '86 even before we called it aids. it is clearly a critical force for our city and i think sometimes we all take san francisco general for granted and it is just an amazing and
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unique institution in our community, in part because of dr. carlysle and the wonderful physicians who staff it. in 2008, thank you to the voters, we passed a bond to rebuild san francisco general hospital with the makes her an outstanding 3honoree for women' history month has been her advocacy for women at ucsf and sf general. during her 23 years at ucsf she has been successful in advancing the mission and recruitment and upward mobility of women in the institution. i think as we all know, that none of us succeeds on our own. we succeed in part because the
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people above us who are helping to encourage us and pull us up. once women are appointed into these positions, dr. carlysle has continued to provide help and mentor ship. doctor, on behalf of the board of supervisors, it's my great pleasure to honor you as part of women's history month. (applause) >> thank you very much, supervisor wiener, and all of the supervisors. i am truly honored to be part of this wonderful group of women who are being honored here today. on reflecting what i would say today about women in science and medicine, it occurred to me that we have come a long way. we've come a long way from the days in which i started and which i was patted on the head and told -- and this was a quote -- "too bad you're a
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woman, you're talented but you'll never get a job." i did get a job as a scientist and a job as a physician. at the time i was in medical school a class of 180 at the university of pennsylvania. there were 35 women in the class. and as supervisor wiener has already pointed out, we've made great strides in training young women as physicians. the class at ucsf now is more than half women, and i'm very pleased about that. (applause) >> [speaker not understood] some of our traditionally male residency programs such a surgery are also more than half women now and it is with a thrill to me. the first time i walked in the operating room and the
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anesthesiologist, the surgeon, the nurses, and the techs were all women. the only man in the room was the patient. [laughter] (applause) >> we've come a long way. we have a long way to go. i have a lot of people to thank. i have my coconspirators from sfgh, [speaker not understood] and all of our wonderful women, cathy, rose, [speaker not understood], all the wonderful people who are here to support me. as well as my family and friends and i have my wonderful daughter jessica who is here from santa barbara who came up for the ceremony. thank you for doing that. (applause) >> and thank you again for this honor, i really appreciate it. [cheering and applauding]
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>> thank you, supervisor wiener. and finally, certainly not the least of our presentations will be supervisor avalos representing supervisor norman yee today. >> thanks again, president chiu. i have the honor of presenting for norman yee his honoree for women's history month. i would like to call up donna cahill. norman really wishes he could be here to present to donna, but as we know he is out of town. he has written up a piece for her that i will be reading for him and his words.
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it is wonderful to have so many women from district 7 to choose from to represent me and the district as our woman of the year. but there is no one more worthy than donna cahill. i have known donna and her work to make the lives of children and families in san francisco for over three decades. she will have an opportunity to speak in a minute, but she will not say much about herself, so, let me give you a glimpse of her dedication serving some of san francisco's most vulnerable children and families from the time i met her in early 1980s helping southeast asian refugees in the tenderloin reset l themselves from war torn countries to a current organization that helps homeless families with small children to get back on their feet. ~ it is a true testament to her work and her dedication that she has created such a great and high-quality program that can serve not only homeless families, but families from all
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special economic levels, a feat not easily accomplished in san francisco. a little more about donna. after she earned her b.s. degree in elementary education from the university of pittsburgh and after teaching children through the seta program, donna really came to san francisco. on her arrival, she discovered proposition 13 resulted in the layoff of hundreds of bay area teachers and having been inspired by the serious needs of students, she focused her efforts on helping those most affected by the layoffs. for more than 11 years she focused her career on re-settling refugees from vietnam. later she refocused her attention on management and expansion of programs serving families and the elderly populations in the tenderloin district. many of these programs that she began exist today. in 1991 she was recruited to
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open san francisco's first city financed shelter for homeless family and in 1995 worked with the city to obtain the first ever federal funding for subsidized child care for homeless family at holy family day home and became the executive director of that institution. i believe donna is an inspirational, compassionate extraordinary person who reflects the best of san francisco values. it is quite an honor to have donna not only as our neighbor in district 7, but as my good friend. a few years ago when i was in a serious pedestrian accident and needed to have a third operation to repair my crushed neck in redwood city -- this is norman -- [laughter] >> it was she who found time to take me to the hospital even with her incredibly busy schedule. everyone should have a friend like donna. actually, donna is the type of person that is a friend of all people. please join me in giving her a heroine's welcome. donna cahill. [cheering and applauding]
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>> thank you, supervisor avalos. it seems the older i get, the less i'm sure about. but there's a few things i'm sure about right now, and one of them is i'm accepting this award on behalf of all my colleagues in the field of early childhood education. 90% plus are women and they're under recognized, under appreciated, and [speaker not understood] under paid. i was happy to see a few other educators at the podium today, and i'm pleased that the field of early childhood education is finally being more valued and recognized. so, this award goes to all the educators. i think we have a representative from the child care provider association here.
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and, so, this is for them. another thing i'm sure about is that i wouldn't be standing here without the inspiration and support of my husband and my daughter. my husband is always there behind me and my daughter is always therein expiring me. she's a teacher in the bayview and i'm so proud of her. and the last thing i'm sure about is that i follow a long, long line at holy family day home of literally hundreds of women. the sisters of the holy family. they're the only religious order founded in san francisco and they were founded to help children of families who -- where the father was panning for gold and the mom what alone
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in the city for many, many months. and they embraced the children then and we're still embracing them now. so, this award is also for the sisters and i have a few board members here today who i am sure i wouldn't be standing here without their partnerships. so, thank you all very much for this amazing award, and i'm humbled to be here in the presence of the other women from the other districts. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor
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avalos. that concludes our awards ceremony today. i want to turn it back over to dr. mafli to say a few words. >> thank you. we're joined by commissioner shorter who would like to say a few words before i close. >> good afternoon, supervisors. this is just such a remarkable day and such a remarkable event for san francisco, and we want to thank each and every one of you for selecting such truly outstanding members of our community. and if we can just applaud them once more today before we close out. (applause) >> all of them, as you've heard their remarks in term of what it is that they're doing and
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what inspires them, is just such a treasure to us all. and each of you should know that you're not always leading today, but you're shaping what leadership really is about. it is about the persistence and the perseverance and the courage, the dedication, the love, the care, and many of you -- in fact, all of you are just so gracious in how women can lead with such power and such grace and make such an impact for all of us in san francisco and beyond. so, we thank each of you. you're truly outstanding women that are making history. so, on behalf of the commission and on behalf of the community, and again thank you to the board of supervisors for recognizing these women, congratulations. (applause) >> i just want to recognize -- we're joined by vice president of the commission, nancy [speaker not understood] rodriguez.
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so, these things don't happen overnight. i have to recognize my staff. and i think your staff are intimately familiar with the name carol sakko who made today's event happen. i was in japan last week. many staff were in new york. she rolled up her sleeves. i want to recognize carol sakko and the rest of my hard working staff. (applause) >> finally at this time, i want to invite honorees, their families, friends, and the members of the board of supervisors to join us for a brief program and reception at the public utilities headquarters, 5 25 golden gate avenue polk street. tonight spur is having a big event downstairs. i know we're going to have a reception there, but we're going to walk up the street to the puc building. there the commission on status of women will be presenting our 50 month resolution to all the honorees and the mayor and
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district attorney will recognize their honoreeses. we'll have staff with maps directing people. thank you for joining us today. (applause) ~ >> thank you again for being part of this month's celebration of women's history month. i want to thank my colleagues. and with that, madam clerk, do we have any more business in front of the body? >> that concludes our business for today, mr. president. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. ar [adjourned]
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>> on december 28, 1912. san francisco mayor, sonny jim rolph stared into the crowds of those who have gathered. a moment in history. the birth of a publicly own transit system. san francisco municipal railway. muni as it would become to be known. happy birthday, muni, here is to the next

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